Frequently Asked Questions


May I use a Coltrane song in the movie or other project that I'm making?
Those interested in obtaining a license for use of the music of John Coltrane or other Jowcol music should please visit our licensing page.

Could you send me the sheet music for one of John Coltrane's rare songs?
We do not have any charts or other music apart from what is commercially available. We reccommend purchasing from Jamey Aebersold and Sheetmusicplus.

What is a mechanical license?
A mechanical license is required if you would like to record a composition on any audio only format – CD, cassette, LP, MP3. You must obtain a mechanical license if you wish to make a recording of a composition.

Where can I get a mechanical license?

Many major publishers, including Jowcol, use the Harry Fox Agency to issue mechanical licenses on our behalf. Before contacting us, please look up the song you wish to obtain a mechanical license for on the Harry Fox website. The Harry Fox Agency can issue licenses for projects of all sizes. Their SongFile license is available for people manufacturing as few as 25 units. For more information please visit the SongFile section of their website. If you cannot find the song you are looking for at Harry Fox, please contact us directly.

What is a synchronization license?
A synchronization license is a license that permits you to synchronize music with an audio/visual work. Such works including television programs, commercials, Video/DVDs, slide shows, movies, film trailers, or any other type of audio/visual use in which music is synchronized.

Can I obtain a synchronization license through the Harry Fox Agency?
No, the Harry Fox Agency only issues mechanical licenses on our behalf. You will need to contact us directly for any other type of license.

How much does a synchronization cost?
Synch licensing fees are determined on a case by case basis and are affected by a variety of factors such as song, use, timing, media, term and territory.

What is an in-house license?
An in-house license would be a license for the use of our music non-broadcast productions such as corporate training videos, sales presentations, meetings and other industrial/non-broadcast types of uses

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